Beneath the open sky’s vast prose, the meadows dance in rhythmic rows. Let us read the landscape’s lines and learn the language the Earth bestows.” – Emily Dickinson of the Meadows

Ecology is much more than a scientific discipline, it is a philosophical exploration of the essence of life and its various interactions. It becomes a lens through which we examine the interdependence of species, the harmonious rhythms of nature, and the ethical considerations that arise when considering our role as stewards of the planet. As we progress through the deeper layers of ecology, we are called to discover the fundamental nature of our existence. In this century, where humanity’s impact on the planet exceeds geological limitations, the intersection of contemporary art and ecology turns into a deep questioning. Ecological issues around the world, including climate change, depletion of natural resources, mass extinction of species, genetically modified seeds, and neo-colonial land grabs, are at the center of the art. Ecological Art prompts reflection on the unique connection that connects all living things. It is a reflective mirror for humanity and a catalyst for change. The 11th International Ecology Symposium Exhibition aims to contribute to the developing dialogue at the intersection of nature-human-ecology. In this sense, the exhibition invites us to look at the Anthropocene era not only from a human perspective, but also from a broader, more comprehensive perspective on the Earth’s multiple ecologies.